Center for Progressive Learning, Inc.

Individual Family Care (IFC) Respite Care 
CPL started its IFC program in 1988 to achieve a common vision: to support and encourage individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fulfill their personal dreams and to enjoy the richness of community life.  Together with our care providers, CPL offers community residential and respite care services that promote personal choice and enhance development of community living skills.

Our consumers live in private foster care residences licensed by the Department of Health And Mental Hygiene as Individual Family Care (IFC) homes.  They participate in community life with their care providers and engage in daytime activities such as school, day programs and vocational pursuits.  
Behavioral Health Services
Traditional Outpatient Treatment (Level I) and Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Level II.1) programs for substance use disorders.

​Early Intervention – Driving While Intoxicated (Level 0.5).

Youth Services Bureau
Our Youth Services Bureau works with children, adolescents and families to deal with issues around parenting, truancy and delinquent behavior.  It is the agency’s goal to promote positive change at home and in school.  Participation in our Better Decisions Group provides adolescents and young adults the opportunity to explore obstacles to making good decisions and to learn how to work past them.

Youth Employment and Training Program (YETP)
First Step offers a Youth Employment and Training Program where participants prepare for taking the Maryland GED exam and are taught job search skills and assisted with job placement and follow-up.

The YETP also offers the following instruction and support:
Maryland High School Diploma/GED Preparation
Career Readiness
Life Skills Training